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August 20, 2015

New Tour, New Video

Ok, wow. I’m looking at this list of tour dates and realizing my life is turning into something different next month. U know, u work on these albums in cold dark miserable studios (necessary to get the tortured artist vibe) and then suddenly you’re onstage being adored by millionsish of fans and suddenly it’s all been worth it. Oh to see u all dance, sing along and come up after the show to tell us how brilliant we are. This is what we truly live for. Am I joking? Of course. Not. Of course I am. Not. I’m joking. Not never joking. Always forever till the wheels fall off. K, hi. Get ready. The album is dope, done and on the way. A couple songs are out which u should have memorized by now and we’re doing our best to relearn the rest of these new songs. I know, u can’t wait, we can’t wait. It’s a hotbed of anticipation in this neck of FB. A lot of u r asking how to get tix early and well, I’ll tell u. We are living the fucking dream by working with Songkick. We’ll be doing a sort of “fan club presale”, and this will enable u to get tickets directly through the band/songkick for shows a week early.

Should also mention we just finished a dope new video, hot off the presses just for u. Check it below.

A lot of u r asking me how u can best prepare for this upcoming tour. I can’t tell u much more than the basic stuff. Get some new dancing shoes. Update your outfits. Stretch well. Stay hydrated. Stay fly. Stay free. Stay refreshing that browser for when we drop our next MP3. And MOST OF ALL, stay sweet.

K, bye.