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July 30, 2015

As If

Hey to everybody out there that reads these things. Glad yr still listening. So yeah, big news. The new album is done and on it’s way to the MP3 factory or wtvr. It’s a doozy. We wrote a little over 40 songs, recorded 20 and then had a cross section of our friends with good taste vote the songs down to 11. What can we say? It’s what we wanted to say to the world. Or some of what we wanted to say. And it’s a doozy. Yeah, u heard it here first. Straight from the band. It’s a doozy. Put that in your press release. I’m really getting into this now. I can see the headlines now:

!!! says new album “As If” is a “Doozy”…

Well, it is. Just u wait. It’s all over the place. We’ve shared 2 songs below, but u won’t know the full scope of it till u hear the whole thing. We tried a lot of different things. Like I said, doozy.

Anyways, heading up some shows soon. Hope to see u there. And lastly let me just say that the rumors of me and the cover star, Crystal are merely that. We’re just really good friends.

Hey, it’s a tough world out there, y’all stay sweet. K, bye.

As If is out October 16th. For more information and to preorder, CLICK HERE.