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April 1, 2015

All U Writers

Well alright then, and so it begins. We are back with a new single from our new forthcoming album called something or other, not that exactly but who knows? Maybe something like it. Maybe just this whole paragraph as a title. The new single arrives on record store day and is a banger to bang all bangs for wtvr that’s worth. It features Teresa Eggers who wrote and sang with us on “Slyd” and explores the darker corners of the club where the truly important things in life are discussed. For those of u who listen at home, u can listen here.

And for those of u who need a copy to play out, you’ll have to brave the record store day crowds. The b-side is “Gonna Guetta Stomp” and is another banger that bangs to be banged. Anyways, we’re really excited about these 2 tracks and they are just part of many surprises on the new record.

Thx 2 everyone who came out for the shows we did last week on the west coast. We had a blast and hope that u did too. We’re very excited to get back to our friends in South America. Headed to Bogota, Lima, and Santiago later this month to play some of the new songs and some hits as well. As for the rest of u, enjoy these new tracks, memorize the words so you’re able to sing along to them this summer and get ready for the new album in fall.

love u lots