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October 16, 2015

As If is unleashed upon society

Well then, here it is, the day when As If is unleashed (I dunno, sounds fiercer than just plain old released, no?) upon society (sounds punker than saying world, no?). Every time u make a record u never believe it will actually be finished and then one day ur holding a cd with the most famous monkey u ever met smiling at u on the cover. It’s a strange world and it’s strange to be a member of the greatest group of all time. Not that we’re that group but it would be weird to be in that group, no?

But listen, seriously, we try as hard as we can from the beginning to the last fucking second to make these records as enjoyable as is humanly fucking possible. This was a tough one and we put it all into it. I want to thank all our friends who helped us with it. (Thank u friends!) It was a fucking gas and I think it shows in the record. There’s some surprises throughout, so give it a few listens all the way through. I’ve read all the reviews that have come through and have only seen one mediocre one (from a stupid little sniveling piece of shit, I’ll have u know). True true, we’re still waiting on a few of the biggies to drop but still, I’m feeling pretty good. How will I celebrate? Well by getting buttshit wasted on October 17th and djing with some friends who helped us with this record at Elvis Guesthouse.

Van Rivers, Justin Strauss, and Teddy Stuart. Come down and congratulate us, beg for our forgiveness, kiss us, hold us, take pix with us and tell us thx for changing ur life and music too. Anyways, don’t take my word for it. Peep some choice quotes from some of the reviews below.
Oh, and fans? Don’t go changin’. Stay sweet.

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“Their best album yet” 4/5 – Mojo

“The American outfit feel like they’re just getting better and better. As if is the sound of a great band at their peak” 9/10 – Dj Mag

“An awful lot like Daft Punk’s blockbuster Random Access Memories but you know, more focused, fun and with better songs. As If is the album they’ve always hinted at but never pulled off” – Drowned In Sound

“Thanks to its commendable “let’s throw shit at the wall and see what sticks” approach, As If contains more dizzying peaks and valleys than a Zorb ride through Derbyshire (and leaves you twice as exhausted). Possibly the most fun you’ll ever have once before throwing in the towel and doing something valuable with your life” – The Quietus